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Gaming PC Intel i9 Oracle

PC Konfigurator

Gaming PC Intel i9 Oracle

With the Oracle, the previously hidden secrets and advantages of high-end gaming are finally revealed to you! Through NVIDIA's graphics monster you benefit from GPU performance that is second to none! Thanks to the powerful multi-core processor with enormous boost clock rates, you are optimally equipped for every application! With a huge M.2 SSD you have massively fast storage for all data. With the Oracle, all games are displayed super smoothly and you can devote yourself completely to gaming. Experience the ultimate gaming PC, equipped with premium hardware that will excite you for many years!

A real highlight: the RGB case

With the help of the beautiful RGB tower, you can also really upgrade your gaming setup visually! The front and side panel made of glass offers you a generous view of the installed hardware and enhances the case impressively. The RGB lighting is easily adjustable with Corsair's iCUE software, allowing you to customize your gaming rig according to your desired mood!

The PC Configurator

With just a few clicks, you can also have other components built into your dream setup! So no wishes remain open to you and you yourself are the master of the machine! If questions arise during the own composition, then we can not serve you with the oracle, but our competent customer support will always be at your side with words and deeds!

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